Sewing so far…

My sewing journey so far has been rather a slow starter.  With an initial burst of enthusiasm a couple of years ago, I quickly realised that sewing was not going to come quite so easily to me as my beloved knitting.  At least with knitting if it all goes wrong you can rip it all out and you are left with pretty much what you started out with…a pile of yarn!  With sewing, once you cut that fabric, the die is cast!

Thankfully, a couple of close friends have been encouraging me every step of the way and together with our local sewing cafe (Make at 140), which has tempted me over the past year with workshops, fabric and lots of sewing chat, I’ve been gradually dipping my toe in the water.

I started out with a couple of summer skirts, but the big game changer for me was signing on for the Tilly and the Button’s Learn to sew Jersey Tops workshop.  Jersey is so great to sew with!  So much more forgiving in terms of fit and so comfortable to wear!  The workshop covers the Agnes top and has some great content and tips, holding your hand every step of the way.  Completing that project led onto Coco tops and dresses and away I went. I realise I sound like an advert for Tilly but I do find her patterns so beginner friendly and those online workshops are great!

As I’ve been rather slow in starting up this blog again, oops! I’ll be gradually rolling out some of my project photos and talking about a few of my favourite patterns over the next few weeks, along with current projects I’m working on.

Happy Sewing!